Creating a Profit Center
Dental Specialists of America at YOUR office
Are you referring your patients and profits out of your practice? Large group practices can hire full-time dental specialists, but if your practice is not large enough to support that, you’re probably sending your patients away for many of their specialty dental needs. And they’re taking with them hundreds of thousands of dollars of revenue and profit.

Are you utilizing 100% of your facility 100% of the time? Or do surplus space, insufficient patient demand, or your own priorities for a balanced work and life leave chairs and rooms sitting empty? If so, you’re losing more potential profit.

How would capturing those lost profits impact your debt structure, your staff benefit program, your retirement plans, and your family’s lifestyle?

Keeping Patients and Profits In-House…

By creating a professional relationship with Dental Specialists of America, you can offer your patients in-house specialty dental care, allowing you to refer them down the hall instead of out the door.

We provide specialty dental services in your office, using those unused hours and underutilized spaces. A respected, experienced, dental specialist dedicates regular hours to your practice: at least one full day a week, more if patient demand supports it.

Appointments are made by your staff, and you remain in charge of coordinating your patients’ dental care. Need a quick consult? Your oral surgeon is right down the hall, ready to talk

Your patients receive complete and convenient care in a familiar setting, where you can watch over them closely, consult immediately and in-person with their dental specialist, and coordinate all their dentistry needs. And when your patients have a great experience with your DSA dental specialist, they’ll send their friends to your front desk to book an appointment, opening up an opportunity for you to attract new general dentistry patients.

Profits stay in-house, your facility is used more efficiently, your patients get great specialty dental service, and you are able to capture more revenue and build your practice.

About Dr. Richard Liposky, President and CEO, Dental Specialists of America

Dr. Liposky is a businessman and Board Certified Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon. He is active in professional associations, patented medical devices and developed and implemented new surgical procedures. He is contributing author of a textbook on facial reconstruction and has authored many professional and newspaper articles. Dr Liposky hosted a weekly radio show and has given more than 200 presentations to professional organizations.

With more than 50 years of business experience, Dr Liposky has had the privilege of coaching new physicians, dentists, and business men and women in starting, developing, and growing their businesses or practices. He teaches them to integrate sound business principles with continued personal growth and innovative ideas. He is founder and CEO of Dental Specialists of America.

His latest book, It’s Not What I Know…It’s How I Learned It, released May 2014, showcases how to start, grow and stay in business.

His passion, after grandchildren and golf, is helping business and professional men and women achieve success.