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Sleep Dentistry … Who Needs It?

Dr. Richard B Liposky

“Need to” vs. “Want to”

It’s not unusual for a patient to request general anesthesia for their dental treatment.  “I have to be put to sleep for my dental treatment.”  The question that must be answered is “do they need to or do they want to” be put to sleep.

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Dry Sockets . . . A Preventable Disease

Have some fun with your dentist. Tell him or her that you heard that dry sockets are preventable. First, they will step back, hyperventilate a bit, question where you heard “that,” and then explain that they are not unusual after having an extraction.

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Tough Questions For Today’s Practitioners

Do you want to be known as the best dentist in town or the cheapest dentist in town? I would be happy being the second best rather than the cheapest.

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Why Monitoring Online Dentist Reviews Should Be Part of Your Marketing Plan

Monitor Dental Reviews

Online dental reviews are changing the game for dental practice marketing. Customers turn to reviews now more than ever when making decisions about which dental practice to visit. In fact, according to Search Engine Land, searches for reviews and information about physicians and dentists have increased from 21 percent to 27 percent just from 2010, and that number is likely to continue growing. That means sites like Yelp and Healthgrades can end up making an enormous difference in the long-term success of a practice. Dental practices are not powerless when it comes to reviews. There are ways for you to effectively monitor and manage your reviews.

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How to Retain Good Employees

Dental Office

You could be the best dentist in the world, with all latest equipment and plenty of paying patients, but if any members of your staff are unhappy, your practice will have a hard time reaching its full potential.

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