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Dental Fees and Increasing Your Profit

Do you know what your collection rate is? The national average for dental practices is only about 96.5 percent annually, according to a recent study. That deficit really adds up, but there is no reason why your practice can’t reach 99 percent.

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The 5 Simple Steps to Partnering with DSA

DSA Dentist

Are you losing money by referring your patients out of office for special procedures? You’re not alone. Many dental practices are missing out on major profits by underutilizing their space and sending their patients out of office for procedures. That’s where Dental Specialists of America comes in.

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How to Set Your Dental Practice Apart From The Competition

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Whether you live in a small rural town, or a booming city, it’s quite likely that there are more than a few dental practices in the area for patients to choose from. So how can you make your practice stand out when there are so many options available?

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4 Tips for Better Direct Mail Marketing

Most dentists know that direct mail marketing is an important tactic for attracting new patients, but a surprising number of dentists simply aren’t doing it well.

I’ve been utilizing direct mail marketing for years, so I’ve learned the hard way what works and what will get your mail piece tossed in the trash. Avoid making the same mistakes I did by following my top four tips for better direct mail marketing:

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Traits You Should Look for in a New Hire

As a dentist, it is quite likely you’ll have to hire a new employee at some point in your career. For many, this can be an overwhelming process. How do you sort through a stack of résumés to find the perfect person? What should you search for in potential candidates? What if you hire the wrong person and it comes back to haunt you?

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Create a Profit Center for your Dental Business

Dental Specialists of America

Let DSA help your dental business earn profits