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Group Practice or Go it Alone? How A Dentist Decides Which Route to Take

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One of the most difficult decisions dentists must make over the length of their career is in regards to the nature of their practice: Do they want to go it alone and open their own practice, or join an existing group practice?

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8 Signs It’s Time to Redo Your Website

Just a short decade ago, you’d be considered light years ahead of your competition if you had a working website for your dental practice. But the times have changed, and having a website for your practice is no longer revolutionary; it’s expected.

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The Best Advice for New Dentists

You’ve just earned your degree and can’t wait to finally start practicing (and making money to pay off those student loans)! But before you get ahead of yourself, take a moment to consider the following tips and tricks of the trade. After all, you still have a lot to learn about the business of dentistry!

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10 Ways Dentists Can Improve Customer Service

If you follow my blog, you may know how much I value customer service. In fact, just last month, I wrote that it should be a dentist’s number one priority in his or her practice.

I realized, however, that I never mentioned how to implement great customer service.

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4 Things a Blog Can Do for Your Dental Practice

I have based my career around the notion that a dental practice should be managed like a small business. Like any small but growing business in this technologically advanced world, a successful dental practice must invest in a solid and detailed digital marketing plan.

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Create a Profit Center for your Dental Business

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