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4 Common Mistakes that are Hurting Your Practice

Building a successful dental practice is no easy task. There are bound to be bumps along the road, and mistakes will surely be made. Every mistake has the potential to be an excellent learning opportunity, but some can seriously hurt your business and your bottom line. There are plenty of things dental practices do that hurt their business, but the following four stand out the most to me.

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Dr. Richard Liposky profiled in the Atlanta Business Chronicle

Dental Specialists of America President and CEO, Dr. Richard Liposky, recently shared his philosophies behind crafting successful business strategies, maintaining sound management practices, and making tough business decisions in an Atlanta Business Chronicle Executive Profile.

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My Advice to the Prospective Businessman

People often ask me if I have any advice for prospective businessmen. I don’t have a formula for success, but I do know that a business’ success depends on the people more than anything else. Professional practices and businesses don’t become successful on their own. Behind each is an individual who had a dream, a desire to accomplish it, and the commitment to make it happen. The growth and development of that person will determine the success of the business. Just as an airplane cannot fly without energy from its engines, a business cannot fly without the energy from the individual running it. When that person quits growing, quits putting energy into his business or practice, like a plane with no engine, it will stop advancing, plateau and then fail. It all depends on you.

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Dr. Richard Liposky interviewed on the Business RadioX High Velocity Radio program

Dental Specialists of America President and CEO, Dr. Richard Liposky, joined High Velocity Radio host, Kevin Finn, to discuss the economics of dentistry, his 50-plus years of business experience, and the release of his new book “It’s Not What I Know…It’s How I Learned It.”

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5 Signs it’s Time to Hire a Specialist from DSA

Take a step back and examine the value of your dental practice. Ask yourself these questions:

  •  Are you satisfied with your profit margin?
  • Are you regularly generating new patients?
  • Are you utilizing all of the space in your facility?
  • Are you effectively challenging your competition?
  • Are you maximizing the efficiency of your practice?

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Create a Profit Center for your Dental Business

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