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7 Characteristics of a Successful Dental Practice

1. Quality Staff Members

It’s important to hire skilled staff members, but many dentists make the mistake of valuing talent over passion and personality. A staff member’s passion for the work they do and their attitude on the job is just as important as talent, if not more. Talent can be learned, but great personalities are hard to come by. When you’re hiring, look for skilled candidates who you would enjoy working with and who would get along well with your patients.

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Four Simple Marketing Techniques To Attract New Patients

A dental practice should be managed like a business; and, like any successful business, practices must invest significantly in marketing strategies. Chances are, your practice is one of hundreds in your area, meaning you’ll always be competing with other offices for patients. Yours might have the most advanced equipment and the most experienced staff, but impressive credentials do you no good if potential patients have never heard your name.

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How an In-House Dental Specialist Benefits Your Practice, Your Patients, and Your Bottom Line

If you run a small dental practice that refers patients out of house for specialty care, you are sending with them hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue. A typical $1.5 million annual gross revenue practice refers out $400,00 of specialty services. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could keep your patients and those profits within your practice? Partnering with an in-house dental specialist is an ideal solution to help you recapture that lost revenue.

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Dr. Liposky Hosts and Presents at Meetings in Atlanta and Las Vegas

On January 24, 2014, more than 50 local dentists gathered for a meeting at the Sheraton in Atlanta. Dr. Liposky presented to his peers about “Leadership & Professionalism” and “Adding a Specialist to Your Practice.”

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