A business does not start itself. It is a function of an individual’s idea and his or her vision. This vision is motivated by a number of factors; the most important being the individual’s perception of personal comfort and discomfort, and their ability to go outside of their comfort zone.

Most people look for their comfort zone and build walls around it to ensure their comfort. This is easy and safe, and may even work for a while. But sooner or later, that zone will begin to shrink and the walls will come tumbling down, and you’ll be ill equipped to face the discomfort of the unknown world in front of you. If you want to run a successful business, you must get used to being uncomfortable. Building a comfort zone is detrimental to personal growth, and you cannot grow a business until you grow yourself.

Your comfort zone

Your comfort zone

In my experiences, the ideas and vision behind a business are a function of the business owner’s personal growth and development as they move outside of their comfort zone. The more we grow and leave behind what we’re accustomed to, the more we expand our creative foundations and challenge ourselves to grow. Personal growth is the medium from which new ideas evolve. The more I grew and began to understand the principles of business, the more sophisticated my business proposals and my ideas became. The more I grew and understood myself, the more successful my businesses became. No matter what the level of business leadership, the person must be willing to grow. If you grow the man, you grow the business.

Businessman and business sketch


Over the years, I have found that the key to personal growth is commitment. Regardless of an individual’s level of personal growth at the time he or she starts the business, success will depend on the commitment to continue to learn and grow. I advise all business owners to live by the following quote: “The day that he feels he knows it all is the first day of his next lesson…best he take the course.”

The above is an adapted passage from Dr. Richard B. Liposky’s latest book, “It’s Not What I know…It’s How I Learned It.” For more valuable business lessons and insights, you can purchase this book online at Amazon.com or directly at www.itsnotwhatiknow.com