A successful businessman may fail but his most distinguishing characteristic is that he never quits. He learns from every experience. He grows through failures on his way to success. All the lights on our journey toward success are constantly changing. We move forward on green, are cautious on yellow, and wait for the reds to turn green. We may hesitate but we don’t stop. And a detour is just another way to get to our destination… success.
This book is about 60 years of business successes and failures. People changed, society changed, technology changed, government changed and the author changed. The common denominator was change… one of the few things in life that is guaranteed. We have a choice. We can react to change or we can respond to change. Our choice will determine our future. From the city to the farm, from university to the operating rooms in Viet Nam and the jungles of Central America, from good patient care to professional politics, from business successes and failures, the author showcases each learning experience. When he learned to embrace change and grow, he learned how to tap into the vast resources of knowledge that we all have around us. It is empowering. It is the nuclear ingredient for success. It is available to anyone who has the dream to succeed.
What People Are Saying

“I really enjoyed your book. It was a great read and very enlightening on how I should approach business. I think my favorite parts of the book were about all of your struggles overseas. I can only imagine how much a person has to grow up when faced with the issues that so many of our troops are faced with every day. Many of them don’t get the respect they deserve for how easy they make things in the United States. For this I want to say thank you.

I also was able to relate with your book because I also grew up around a golf course. From the time I was 7 my dad had a golf club in my hand. What a great game it truly is.

I just wanted to pass on how well written I thought your book was. If I can ever be of assistance fell free to ask. ”

– Chris Thomason

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